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A social media for meeting fitness buddies!

Easy Swipes

Flawless Features

Easily connect to people with our location based service and see live stories about

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Swiping 100s of Fitness Buddies

When swiping on FitFlick you easily see who is exactly around your location, and at the same time see their interest.

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So many cool features


Just a Flick away from finding a fitness buddy


send messages to fitness groups and friends

Flicking & Flickers

Follow other fitness buddies and get other fitness budies to follow you back.


While your flicking you could win a FitFlick T-shirts at a reduced price ;-)

Live Stories

See Live stories of your friends and fitness community (e.g. Gyms or Personal Trainers)

Advertise / Shop & Discover

It relates to fitness in any shape or form?? You can advertise it through.

Quick Glance

We tried to keep it simple

FitFlick Gear

Also a brand

All cloths come with different styles so we will defo! have something to match your needs

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FitFlick Shopping

Not just an application, also a brand, you can also get some cool fitness gear


Why FitFlick?

Find the true story behind FitFlick

More Features

We've got a lot of features, here are some more

Only The Best

Shows qualifed fitness professionals

Save Money

Cheapest fitness app to advertise

Manage Your Groups

Creating Group chat from Monday to Sunday

Fitness Advertisement Pricing

We've got affordable pricing packages


0.40c /daily
  • Posting Ads
  • All fitness genre
  • Unlimited posts
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2.80 /month
  • Posting Ads
  • All fitness genres
  • Unlimited posts
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33.60 /year
  • Posting Ads
  • All fitness genres
  • Posting absolutely anything related to fitness
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Meet The Team

I often read alot of fitness blogs, two years ago i went for a group run with 5 mates and ever since i was hooked to fitness

Personally i've always cared about my well being, however the lack of motivation did not help me meet my goals. however finding out others could motivate you by just posting a picture or a video or even comparing your progress to another person was key for me.

To be honest, Damilare and Luke are quite funny, I could recall over few months ago when they met up with me and talked about this concept, this did not only motivate

in relation to my fitness life. It made me notice that we are solving a real problem

Development is a passion of mine since i could think back. But fitness is also a big part of my life. Motivation and finding a like minded person was a big issue for me, however i was able to over come with the introduction to fitflick, and developing this app is quite interest.

Downloadable by end of December


If you've got any questions, mail us, we will get in touch