Help and Contact

What is FitFlick?

FitFlick is more than an app, it’s a lifestyle. Our goal is to create an environment in which finding fitness buddies is more of a second nature, rather than a daily hassle. FitFlick provides you the fastest way to network every day while avoiding the awkwardness of sending or rejecting requests to connect. Swipe a profile right if you’d like to connect, swipe left if you don’t. Once you get a match, you can chat and set up a meeting in person or through whichever means of communication you want. Simple

How Does FitFlick Work?

FitFlick uses an algorithm to best match profiles that are alike. Daily batch suggestions are based on location and interests, to bring you people nearby who may share common interests with you. On FitFlick, you can write to other people when interest is mutual, that is, when you both privately decided to swipe right on each other’s profile. You can be notified of a match via email and push notifications, or in real time when you swipe. However, be aware that swiping everyone right on your account will result in your profile being downgraded, so be sure to choose wisely!

Do People Know When I’ve Swiped Them?

Your location can be changed from the settings menu found in your profile page.

What is FitFlick Paid?

FitFlick Paid gives you the opportunity to swipe more than 20 profiles a day.

How Do I get FitFlick Paid?

You are given the option to select the paid plan when or if you reach the limit to your swipes in one day.

How Do I Join FitFlick?

Simply download the app from the iOS store and sign up through Facebook.

Why am I getting matched with People with no mutual interests?

At FitFlick we do our best to help you connect with like-minded people, however we also share a strong belief in serendipity and creating chance encounters. People often find opportunities in places they wouldn’t even think to look in the first place; sometimes it’s good to explore beyond your own industry and your interests, you never know what you’ll discover!

What can I do to get better matches?

Your Bio is the element that stands out the most on your FitFlick profile. It’s the foundation for letting other people know your likes and interests, as well as what you’re looking for on FitFlick. First impressions are crucial, and other users are going to make a split second decision whether to swipe you right or left based on your Bio and photo. We recommend you make your profile as complete as possible by having a strong, solid Bio, a clean photo of yourself, and a comprehensive list of your #interests as well as your updated industry.

How do I remove someone from my matches?

Simply go to your matches, select the profile you would like to un match and select the options menu to the right of their name and select un match. You can also contact our support team at [email protected] if you see any suspicious activity.

I only get less than 10 daily profiles in my daily batch, why?

As an expanding company, there are some areas where we might be new and just starting out. As a result, there probably might not be that many users near your location, which would explain the small amount of profiles showing up in your daily batch. If you feel something is off, simply drop us a line so we can look into the issue.

How do I enable or disable push notifications?

On iOS: To receive notification’s simply go to your iPhone’s Settings > Notifications > FitFlick > and turn notifications on, also make sure that the Show in Notification Center option is turned on.

On Android, to turn notifications on/off go to your device’s Settings > Device > Application Manager > FitFlick > once you get to the App Info check the box that says “Show Notifications.”

For any other queries that may have not been answered here, please contact us at [email protected] and one of our team members will get back to you within 24 hours.